You can view our school policies on the areas listed below:

Privacy Policy

Child Protection Policy

Complaints Procedure

Behaviour Policy

The following policies are available to read at the Kindergarten office:

Kindergarten Ethos

Whistle blowing Policy

Special Educational Needs Policy

Anti Bullying Policy

Equal Opportunity Policy

Mobile phone and all Digital Photography Policy

Intimate Care/ Close Personal Contact Policy

Pupil Assessment Policy

Out of Hours babysitting Policy

Exclusion policy

Coronavirus policy

Health and Safety Policies:

  • Intentions/ Aims of these Policies
  • Risk Assessment
  • Fire Safety Policy
  • Accidents and First Aid Policy
  • Administration of Medicine Policy
  • Out of School Visits Policy
  • Missing Child Policy
  • Critical Incident Plan Policy
  • Security of the Premises Policy
  • Electrical Appliances/ Computers Policy
  • PE and Playground Policy
  • Art/ Design and Technology Policy
  • Non Collection of Child Policy
  • When a Carer is unfit to take a Child Home
  • Animals on Premises